Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI)

The Danish Institute of Fire and Security Technology (DBI) is Denmark’s leading knowledge centre in the field of fire safety and prevention.

We maintain our knowledge through relevant participation in research and development activities and services that we offer private and public enterprises, institutions and authorities.

Through our international network we systematically collect and process the latest information on fire safety and protection from all over the world. Moreover, we actively contribute to and participate in efforts to set norms and standards at national and international levels within our key fields of activity. Based on these activities, DBI develops and maintains a programme of innovative, valuable services that assists our customers in fulfilling their goals and obligations related to fire protection and safety.

DBI is an independent, private, non-profit enterprise. We are approved by the Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education as a technology service institute and we are part of a network called the GTS – Advanced Technology Group, comprising more than 3,000 highly-educated specialists.

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FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology work across fields, cultures and markets with the mission of developing solutions that focus on energy efficiency, safety and environment.

Our experienced engineers provide consultancy in e.g. the design of vessels and ports. We are experts within hydro- and aerodynamics and perform model testing on maritime and offshore constructions in our towing tank and wind tunnel facilities from where we expose ship models to realistic wave, current and wind conditions. An optimized design brings significant savings when it comes to the operation of ships and ports. We also perform CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for hull optimization and develop and sell simulators for training of ship crews. Finally, we offer courses on decision-making processes, communication as well as ’Human Factors’.

We provide an extensive range of services that help our clients reduce the fuel consumption and minimize the environmental footprint. We assist ship owners in the very early design stages where the vessel’s main particulars, speed, etc. are selected. Being able to work on the main particulars of the vessel and the operational parameters enables us to optimize the ship towards an entire operation and not just on a single design point.

Our services that contribute to a greener shipping industry include:

• RANS CFD based hull form optimization for a specified operational profile of the vessel;
• Bulb and propeller retro-fit studies (re-optimization of bulbous bows and propellers) related to the recent trend of slow-steaming;
• Non-conventional propeller designs; e.g. Kappel propeller, CLT propeller and NPT propeller
• Optimizing fuel efficiency during operation – hydrodynamic optimization of the operational trim, monitoring in-service propulsive performance, route optimization;
• Application of optimized ESDs (Energy Saving Devices) for both new builds and retro-fits; e.g. Becker Mewis Duct®, pre-swirl fin systems and twisted/bulb rudders.

These services can lead to energy savings in the range of 4 – 8%.

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GreenfuelHub is a start-up dedicated to sustainable fuels for the shipping sector. We are the first independent platform and consultancy specialized in renewable marine fuels. Our goal is to help the shipping industry to reduce its pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. We offer a wide range of services as:

  • consultancy with special expertise in biofuels and biofuel conversion technologies
  • bunker infrastructure
  • PR & Content support
  • grant writing and funding procurement

Our digital platform has the purpose to make the biofuel market more transparent and accessible. It connects the following actors through a directory and complementary services:

  • sustainable fuel producers
  • cargo companies
  • ship manufacturers and ports
  • policy makers
  • research organizations
  • corporations worldwide

Let us create sustainable shipping solutions together!

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Hauschildt Marine A/S

Hauschildt Marine A/S is a Danish company specialized in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.

They provide turn-key solutions to customers including design/engineering, project management, class/authorities approval, inspection/supervision and commissioning, using top technology equipment like 3D scanner, ultrasonic non-destructive tester and vibration, noise and light sensors. The company has offices in Copenhagen and  Skagen – Denmark, but provide services to costumers all over the world!

Hauschildt Marine A/S is constantly getting updated to the existing and the incoming regulations and amendments of the authorities.

We provide assistance to our customers so they have the required documentation, equipment and operation standards to comply with the Classification Societies and International Conventions.

You Evolve, You Adapt & We Consult


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MS Engineering

MS Engineering is a maritime consultancy and agency based in Northern Jutland. They facilitate contact between maker and customer and support negotiatons to ensure a fair and transparent deal. MS Engineering holds the agency of a number of marine products, among others, Orcan. Orcan produces second-generation ORC (Organic Ranking Cycles) solutions  industrial, marine and power generation sectors.

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Nordic Green Solutions (NGS)

At Nordic Green Solutions, we help companies save energy and utilize it the best way possible. We create green companies with a green mindset. Today, tomorrow, together.

Today, it is no longer a question about transitioning from non-green to green initiatives. We cannot think of green transitioning like that any longer. We need to think of sustainability as a mindset—a way of doing things.

You do not need another energy consulting company to tell you what to do. You need a trusted adviser to walk the path with you, an advisor that can assist with anything from technical to operational. The solution might be complex. It is our job to make it simple.

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OSK ShipTech A/S

OSK-ShipTech A/S Naval Architects and Marine Engineers provides expert marine consultancy services to Owners, Yards and other maritime clients worldwide operating in shipping, passenger transport, special vessels and heavy-lift/jack-up vessels for offshore wind turbines and much more.

With more than fifty years’ experience in marine consulting and vessel design, we have in-depth knowledge and insight in all aspects of the maritime market and assist clients on everything from concept development, ship interiors, newbuildings and retrofits to project management, tendering and contract negotiation, Owner’s Representative, supervision and much more. We also provide consultancy services on and help clients comply with regulations such as The Polar Code, EEDI and Ballast Water Management.

RISK MANAGEMENT – We help our clients avoid the pitfalls. OSK-ShipTech provides consultancy services and helps clients manage and navigate the risks in all aspects of their marine operations – from legislation to environmental risks.

INNOVATION – We embrace technologies and push the boundaries of innovative ship design. OSK-ShipTech strives to provide clients with innovative design solutions for vessels of all kinds built on knowledge, curiosity and new technologies. We push to drive the innovations in hybrid propulsion systems and 3D printing for the marine industry to name a few.

SUSTAINABILITY – We optimise vessel performance and fuel consumption. All OSK-ShipTech’s designs and optimisation projects aim to enhance vessel performance and minimise fuel consumption by improving hull form, sailing profiles and engine configuration. We recommend solutions, which contribute to production and usage of effective energy – for the benefit of the environment and our clients.

EXPERTISE – We pull on half a century’s experience in vessel design. OSK-ShipTech has more than fifty years’ experience in naval architecture and marine engineering. You can tap into our entire pool of competences ensuring the best results for your project at all times.

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Sangberg ApS


The company was established the 1st of May 2005 as a holding company. The 1st of March 2021 it became an operating company with the purpose of investing in and assisting of start-up companies, providing management advice within the establishment and assessment of business opportunities, sales and marketing, key-account-management and process-oriented management. In addition, the company offers design, project management and supervision within new and rebuilding of ships.

The CEO of Sangberg ApS, Mr. Bengt Sangberg, Master in Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture and Bachelor in Business Management, has over 45 years of work experience from working in the maritime industry in the Nordic countries. His experience comes from shipyards, marine consultants, shipping companies and classification societies. From 2004 to 2021 he was working as Marine Chief Executive of Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore in the Nordic regio

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Teknologisk Institut (DTI)

Danish Technological Institute (DTI) is an independent and non-profit research and development institute. Since 1906 the Institute has worked to promote the application of technological advances, for the benefit of both the individual business and the continued development, growth, and prosperity of society as a whole.

DTI delivers 40,000 advanced technological solutions annually in response to concrete needs and challenges of our more than 12,000 customers.
The Institute’s work for this purpose is carried out by approximately 1,000 specialists, who – in close cooperation with 800 research and development partners, assist both small and large enterprises to remain competitive and innovative. We provide a solid technological infrastructure built on specialised professional and domain-specific knowledge and world-class equipment.

The Institute delivers technological services that contribute to the required development and conversion in Danish companies. This takes place in line with interdisciplinary and highly relevant societal drivers: digital transformation, green conversion, the circular economy and growth, productivity, and innovation capacity.

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