FORCE Technology

FORCE Technology work across fields, cultures and markets with the mission of developing solutions that focus on energy efficiency, safety and environment.

Our experienced engineers provide consultancy in e.g. the design of vessels and ports. We are experts within hydro- and aerodynamics and perform model testing on maritime and offshore constructions in our towing tank and wind tunnel facilities from where we expose ship models to realistic wave, current and wind conditions. An optimized design brings significant savings when it comes to the operation of ships and ports. We also perform CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) for hull optimization and develop and sell simulators for training of ship crews. Finally, we offer courses on decision-making processes, communication as well as ’Human Factors’.

We provide an extensive range of services that help our clients reduce the fuel consumption and minimize the environmental footprint. We assist ship owners in the very early design stages where the vessel’s main particulars, speed, etc. are selected. Being able to work on the main particulars of the vessel and the operational parameters enables us to optimize the ship towards an entire operation and not just on a single design point.

Our services that contribute to a greener shipping industry include:

• RANS CFD based hull form optimization for a specified operational profile of the vessel;
• Bulb and propeller retro-fit studies (re-optimization of bulbous bows and propellers) related to the recent trend of slow-steaming;
• Non-conventional propeller designs; e.g. Kappel propeller, CLT propeller and NPT propeller
• Optimizing fuel efficiency during operation – hydrodynamic optimization of the operational trim, monitoring in-service propulsive performance, route optimization;
• Application of optimized ESDs (Energy Saving Devices) for both new builds and retro-fits; e.g. Becker Mewis Duct®, pre-swirl fin systems and twisted/bulb rudders.

These services can lead to energy savings in the range of 4 – 8%.

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