How to join Green Ship of the Future

Join Green Ship of the Future and contribute to a greener and more energy efficient shipping industry

All members, regardless of type, can enjoy access to a strong, competent network devoted to making the maritime industry more energy efficient, sustainable, innovative and green. We offer 4-6 membership meetings a year and an opportunity to develop or join different partner projects. Whether you want to become more visible, broaden your personal network, find inspiration or gain new knowledge on the green agenda, GSF is the network to join.

Membership types

GSF is an independent non-profit organization driven and financed by the members.

Members pay a yearly membership fee set according to the number of employees. We have five main categories:

Cat. 0: Start-ups (2 years after registration) free
Cat. 1: Individuals and one man companies DKK 8.000
Cat. 2: Private companies with less than 10 employees, organizations, NGOs and public institutions DKK 10.000
Cat. 3: Private companies with between 10 and 100 employees DKK 20.000
Cat. 4: Private companies with more than 100 employees DKK 24.000

Membership fee is indexed yearly.


GSF is an independent network for

  • Ship owners and operators,
  • OEMs and suppliers
  • Classification societies
  • Industry organizations and public authorities
  • Research- and educational institutions.
  • Other relevant (maritime) organizations and individuals

There are no geographical constraints on membership, but relevance to the purpose ref. 1 is required. The Board reserves the right to assess all membership applications on an individual basis.

We highly recommend participation in a majority of the members' meetings as well as an open approach to collaboration with new partners, knowledge sharing and networking.
In networks like Green Ship of the Future, the value you take home is directly linked to the ressources you pour in. The more you share and give - the more you get!

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.