Danish Maritime Authority

In the Danish Maritime Authority, we are striving to create safety at sea and growth in the maritime industries in Denmark. In our view, safety and growth go hand in hand because in Blue Denmark growth should be based on quality shipping.

Our four main responsibilities are:

  • Framework conditions, competition and growth
  • Safe ships, health and the environment
  • Safe waters, buoyage and navigation
  • Social conditions, seafarers and fishermen

Our mission is to effectively strengthen Blue Denmark’s conditions of growth and to promote health, safety and a clean marine environment.

The Danish Maritime Authority is striving to ensure global, balanced regulations for the shipping industry. This means, inter alia, that new requirements for the emission of nitrogen oxides and sulphur, energy efficiency and ballast water discharge are being phased in and enforced in a new manner to ensure a level playing field.

Furthermore, the Danish Maritime Authority engages in project development and other collaborative efforts to enhance the competitive edge of the Danish maritime industries.

The Danish Maritime Authority is a part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs.

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