Technical University of Denmark (Maritime DTU)

Maritime DTU was established in 2014 and will coordinate and strengthen the four main missions of the university: research, education, innovation and public sector consultancy; within the maritime field.

At the same time, the centre will act as DTU’s contact to the maritime industry and also increase cooperation with other leading universities within the maritime field, both with regards to education and to research. The centre will maintain the current maritime educational activities and continuously create and develop attractive educations and courses across DTU.

At the same time the centre will increase the visibility and marketing of the educations toward the students and in that way attract more engineering students to the maritime courses and educations. The centre will also act to increase the contact and collaboration between the students and the industry through student projects and thereby make the education more attractive for the students and the graduates more attractive and employable for the industry.

Maritime DTU will function as a platform for new collaboration agreements with other leading universities regarding education and research within the maritime area. The center gives excellent opportunities for attracting well-regarded guest professors and PhD students from leading universities and research scenes.

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