Kongsberg Maritime is a world-leader in the development and delivery of integrated vessel solutions for traditional merchant vessels and fishing vessels, as well as offshore and research vessels and offshore installations. KM supplies products and systems for advanced mapping surveying, sonars, underwater communication, marine robotics (Unmanned Surface Vessel [USV] and Autonomous Underwater Vehicle [AUV]) and underwater cameras for, among other things, research, fishing and defence vessels, as well as aquaculture installations.

KONGSBERG delivers high-tech products and services to our customers in an international market. Our business strategy provides the direction and principles that form the basis for our success in the future. Our sustainability strategy supports the mapping of risk and opportunities in the markets where we compete. KONGSBERG can make a difference throughour technology and expertise to meet the needs of the world of tomorrow.

KONGSBERG has a long-term commitment to the reduction of greenhouse gases and other negative environmental effects. Our most important contribution is to use our technology and expertise to develop even more climate-friendly solutions for our customers. This effort will often coincide with the desire to reduce costs and increase efficiency and security. Our competitiveness will be strengthened as a result of these efforts.

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