Machine learning can make sense of the complex factors that impact vessel performance and help baseline a vessel’s performance and let you understand where your inefficiencies are.

GreenSteam’s application of machine learning delivers deep insight into operational efficiency, with accurate, actionable advice leading to measurable financial gains.

GreenSteam’s entry-level product is Discover, which can be applied to all vessel types and audits a vessel identifying a wide range of opportunities to improve efficiency. Discover identifies all the areas where fuel is being wasted and highlights where operational changes will deliver measurable savings. Their products Trim Planner, Dynamic Trim Optimizer, Fouling Analyzer and Speed Optimizer are add-ons to Discover and will support your decision making by offering more detailed analysis and advice. GreenSteam’s machine learning platform can also be used to understand the effects new technology or hardware may have on the performance of a vessel.

Greensteam was founded in the Faroe Islands in 2007, but relocated their headquarter to Copenhagen in 2011. Today, the have offices in DK, UK and Poland.

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