Copenhagen Business School (CBS Maritime)

CBS Maritime is broadly embedded in the relevant research environments and teaching programs at CBS and our strategy can be summarized as “Building Strength Through Collaboration”.

Our internal strategy is mainly about pursuing collaboration and coordinating activities across departments and other relevant units. International shipping is an area that begs the participation of social science researchers with different expertise, so for us it is natural to seek such cross-departmental collaboration. We seek to increase the number of PhD students and we aspire to team up with other researchers at CBS, either by having more colleagues joining CBS Maritime or by collaborating with other groups at CBS on select issues. We need to host internal seminars and team-building workshops as well as invite guests from appropriate universities and research units to engage in dialogue. We also strive to support our PhD students by building a proper academic infrastructure designed specifically to developing their research and teaching abilities.

To make sure that our research is relevant to the international maritime community we focus on applied research and we seek to strengthen our external relationships to maritime businesses, organizations and authorities. The shipping industry has changed markedly over the past years, from a traditionally closed and secretive industry to an open industry with an outspoken interest in supporting independent research of relevance to the maritime community (which also includes authorities, companies in other maritime industries and several industry associations). We have established “dialogue partnerships” with a number of maritime companies and we have a well-established advisory board with representatives broadly from the maritime sector in Denmark as well as abroad.

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