Digitization for de-carbonization

March 27, 2018

To what degree will digitization and digital technologies help us deliver on environmental sustainability?

According to the World Economic Forum: “Digital innovations can, […], drive society towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and shore up the three pillars on which they are built: improving quality of life, fostering equitable growth and protecting the environment.” And: “The digital revolution provides a once-in-a-generation chance todrive radical change across the global economy”

In GSF we agree and have made digitization for de-carbonization one of three core focus areas. We believe that digitization and digital technologies holds a significant potential for reducing the total emissions from our industry, by driving down energy consumption, increases transparency and improve efficiency in our daily operations.
Technology development and digitization will enable new opportunities in the shape of business models, services and products but also improved and more efficient utilization of the existing technology. The majority of the larger maritime stakeholders have already acknowledged this and are investing heavily in digitization. However, the complex systems on board vessels, suggests that individual initiatives alone will not solve all the challenges we face today. To unleash the full potential of digitization, it is needed to explore some of the challenges connected with data utilization across stakeholders.
Our approach is, as always, practical and exploratory. With a small group of our partners, we have set out to explore the potential value of data sharing across suppliers in a specific ships system.