Business Model Innovation: Shipping in a Circular Economy

October 9, 2018

With this project we deep dive into the convergence of circular economy, digitization and innovation, to explore the maritime opportunity space and the role of shipping as an enabler of a global circular transition and in particular the new business models derived by this.

Circular Economy (CE) is a recognized concept for sustainable growth and it is gaining ground globally. It is expected to have significant impact across products, markets, business models and value chains, but also on infrastructure, which maritime in essence is the backbone of. Digital technology, data, new platforms and, not least, new market actors will drive a major part of this development. To stay ahead of the curve, it is natural that the Blue Denmark are front runners in the exploration of the systemic change and the consequences for shipping, and equally important, the commercial opportunities.

Accordingly, the objective for the partners behind this proposal is to explore CE in combination with data and digitization as a business development space for maritime stakeholders; to create awareness and appreciation of the potential that CE constitutes for the maritime industry; and to explore the collaboration and pathways it will take to realize the identified potential.

Please find the final report – The Circular Shipping Initiative, here

Timeline: October 1st 2018 – June 30th 2019