2019 Retrofit project

March 26, 2019

A large share of the existing global fleet is not up for renewal anytime soon, yet their environmental impact must be accounted for. Future compliance and the general energy efficiency of those vessels, will depend on the ship owners’ retrofit choices.  

With their partners, GSF initiated a project series to explore how far existing technology can take us on our mission to reduce the emissions from shipping short term.

The objective of the project is to develop a retrofit package that will contribute significantly to the energy savings on board selected vessel types, all representative of high volume vessel series. The first vessel the partners expect to explore is an MR tanker from HAFNIA. The case is based on the actual data and operations profile of a specific vessel and thus calculations on both energy savings and business case will remain as close to reality as possible.

A group of suppliers will identify relevant technology with a potential to significantly reduce the fuel consumption, improve operations or in other ways increase the energy efficiency of the vessel. 

Collaboration is always at the core of GSF and their activities and this project is no exception: While each partner may calculate the potential savings from their individual technology, they will also exchange information across suppliers to ensure optimal alignment. In addition, the project managers, MAN Energy Solutions and Danish Energy Consulting, carry out calculations on systems level in order to assess the total energy balance of the vessel and coherence between the technology choices made.