Changing the World through Collaboration

04-05-2018 (Kl. 09.15 - 12.30)

Why do we need collaboration across the maritime industry? How does it give us competitive edge?  What works – what doesn’t – and how do we make it even more valuable?
Blue INNOship, Shipping Lab and Green Ship of the Future invite you to join us in a discussion of our ability to collaborate and the value of collaboration in the Blue Denmark 
Time: Friday May 4th 2018 9.15 – 12.30
Venue: Danish Maritime Fair, The Train Workshop, Otto Busses vej 5A, 2450 Copenhagen
To solve the complex challenges that the maritime industry face, it is necessary to break down barriers and silos and apply cross-functional innovation and collaboration. This is not new to the Blue Denmark. In fact, we have been preaching and practicing this officially for ten years  – unofficially even more. And it seems more relevant than ever: We find ourselves in the beginning of a global paradigm shift, to which the maritime industry will have to adapt, preferably in a pro-active manner. This will challenge our innovation capabilities and resources, but it will also enable new opportunities. The companies that manage to capture and capitalize from these opportunities will get to define the change and the role of future maritime industry.
Green Ship of the Future (2008), Blue INNOship (2015) and Shipping Lab (2018) are all based on the idea that collaboration is an enabler for change, by working holistically with the grand challenges and opportunities we face. Join us in a discussion of the value of collaboration and identification of recommendations for future collaborations, followed by a glass of champagne to mark the 10 year anniversary of Green Ship of the Future.
9.30 – 9.45 Building on heritage: the value of collaboration in the Blue Denmark
Andreas Nordseth, Director Danish Maritime Authority
9.40 – 10.30 Why do we need collaboration: How does it add value to the bottom line? 
Different takes on why collaboration increase creativity and innovation capabilities and adds value to the bottom line (and society in general)
  • Capturing value through collaboration
    Kjartan Ross, chairman Blue INNOship and Green Ship of the Future
  • Why the societal challenges can’t be solved by one company alone
    Peter Høngaard Andersen, Director, Innovation Fund Denmark
10.30 – 10.45 Break (during which Maritime Danmark will hand out the award Ship of the Year)
10.40 – 11.20 The how-and-how-not-to panel
Learn and be entertained by their worst and best experience as active collaborators share their experience from GSF and Blue INNOship.
  • Stefan M. Olsen, Hempel
  • Klaus Rasmussen, Moving Energy
11.20 – 12.20 The Ideal Collaboration
Based on previous presentations and own experiences, participants are asked to define the ideal collaboration in terms of framework, resources and processes. The outcome is intended to become a manual or suggestion box with useful tools and methods; it will be something companies can use when considering their involvement and role in future cross–industry collaborations, but also serve as direct input to the on-going activities and structure of our collaboration platforms.
12.20 – 12.30 Collection and presentation of results
12.30 A glass of champagne to celebrate the 10th year anniversary for GSF
This event is part of Danish Maritime Days


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