Dansk Energiraadgivning

Dansk Energiraadgivning A/S is a private, impartial consultancy. Since its establishment in 2007, Dansk Energiraadgivning A/S has counselled public and private companies about energy optimisation. In 2017 we completed more than 21% of the total number of realized energy saving projects in Denmark.

Our projects are completed through a five-step process in which our experienced project leaders ensure the profitability of a project and identify the best technical solutions. Based on the concept “no cure, no pay”, we ensure our costumers no costs, if the project is not profitable. (cost for travel expenses can occur outside Denmark)
Dansk Energiraadgivning A/S operates within several industries and has, among others, provided consultancy for agricultural, industrial and maritime companies. Within the maritime sector, we are providing support to energy optimization projects, retrofit and newbuilding, for ships, ferries, fishing vessels, shipyards, harbours, fish factories and other energy consuming maritime businesses.

Dansk Energiraadgivning A/S provides consultancy throughout the entire process; screening for possible energy savings, application for grants (if possible), measurements, writing of reports, documentation etc.

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