Why do we need collaborative innovation?

In the Blue Denmark, we have a strong tradition for co-operation across the value chain, particularly when it comes to green solutions, but we can improve.

In Green Ship of the Future, we use collaborative innovation as a method of meeting today and tomorrow’s complex technological and regulatory challenges.

Denmark is a strong shipping nation, transporting nearly 10% of world trade and providing some of the best technical solutions. In our heritage lies a responsibility for leading the way, particularly when it comes to greener and more sustainable shipping. Our partners take that responsibility upon them and use GSF as a platform for co-creation and collaborative innovation in a green context. In short, they use GSF as a room for play and engage in collaborative projects across the maritime value chain.

Why collaborative innovation networks (COINs)?

On a general level, collaborating in an open and transparent flow of knowledge is key to successful innovation. Creative collaboration, knowledge sharing and social networking allows for organizations that are more creative, productive and efficient. The members co-create new projects and they create and share knowledge in an environment built on trust. It is simple: the more you give to the network, the more you take home.

  1. COINs make organizations more innovative and collaborative. In addition, it is a very cost-efficient way to innovate and get ahead of competition.
  2. COINs make organizations more agile and able to react quickly to market trends.
  3. COINs infuse external knowledge into the organization and improve the company’s and the individual person’s professional network.

The theory above is derived from Peter A. Gloor’s Swarm Creativity 2007