Head of Green Ship of the Future

In GSF, we are looking for our new Head of Green Ship of the Future. The position is a unique opportunity to work for a more sustainable development of the maritime industry with stakeholders across the supply chain.

As head of GSF you are in charge of the daily management of the network and with the board, the strategic development. In addition, you facilitate collaboration between GSF members, co-develop projects and scout for new trends and technologies.

We are looking for someone who has:


  • Experience with complex cross industry collaborations
  • Proven project development and program management experience, and is able to develop and communicate clear goals and objectives as well as execute on details
  • Experience with complex stakeholder management and partnership building
  • Applied knowledge of innovation and innovation processes
  • Applied knowledge of sustainability
  • Knowledge of the maritime industry and the challenges ahead is a plus

The right candidate also:

  • Has an extensive network within the industry
  • Is curios, engaged and ambitious on behalf of the network
  • Has an entrepreneurial mindset, is resilient, flexible, adapts easily and holds the ability to operate independently
  • Has the ability to influence, inspire and lead
  • Possess excellent communication skills (verbal, written and public speaking)

For more information about the role as Head of Green Ship of the Future, please reach out to Anne Katrine Bjerregaard

About Green Ship of the Future

Green Ship of the Future (GSF) is an independent non-profit organization driven and financed by the members.

In GSF, we are exploring the road towards emission free maritime transport. We do so by promoting the use of existing energy efficient technology, and by exploring the use of new (digital) technologies. We believe in collaboration as an enabler for a more sustainable maritime industry and facilitate innovation across maritime value chains.

GSF is founded on a strong Danish heritage of collaboration and cooperation across all stakeholders in the Maritime Industry. Our projects and activities support our mission thematically and deal with a broad range of related topics from energy efficient ship design, over circular economy to digitization for de-carbonization.