Digitalization through Partnerships part 1

12-09-2017 (Kl. 09:00 - 16:00)

Digitalization through partnerships September 12th 9.00 -16.00 in Copenhagen
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Digitalization is one of the major buzz words right now, not only in maritime, but across industries. The opportunity space seems overwhelming and with real “game changing potential”. The aim of this workshop is to prepare the participants for engaging digital partnerships by assessing their readiness and interests, but also, to form one or more pilot partnerships exploring shared interests through digitization.

As Green Ship of the Future is a network across the industry, we have chosen to focus specifically on digitalization through partnerships. We want to explore the opportunity space of collaborative development between e.g. suppliers and customers towards new digital platforms, services or products and identify partnerships where the players together can create more value for the end user. With our green point of departure, we naturally  encourage the participants to explore how digitization can be the means (or tool) to a more sustainable end.

Who are we targeting?

Maritime stakeholders, such as ship owners, suppliers, OEMs and class with an interest in engaging in partnerships around digitalization. This is a workshop. We intend to work towards establishing one or more pilot partnerships. This means that participants are asked to prepare for the workshop, but also to show up with a mandate to engage (preliminary) in partnership discussions.


With this event, we take a step back and explore how to approach digitalization and the new business models derived by the opportunities that digital technologies provide. We focus on partnerships, because the paradigm shift we face challenges our traditional in-house competences, but also because new ideas may be better developed by entering into partnerships with your suppliers, end-customers or other relevant partners.



Participation is free of charge due to the support from the Danish Maritime Fund. A no-show fee of 500 DKK applies.


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