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BLOC – Blockchain Labs for Open Collaboration

BLOC is the leading provider of blockchain solutions, a community on the forefront of distributed ledgers and trust-based transactions. From transparency and accountability to anti-trust and regulatory issues to integrity and security, our mission is to collectively solve the problems that undermine trust and inclusivity in society.

BLOC provides a range of expert services and solutions – they provide technical and non-technical education, expert consulting, research and framing of the most pressing issues. They connect the relevant problem holders to the industry players and solution makers, accelerate proof-of-concepts in their prototyping labs and bring them to the end-users.

Their current maritime projects include single window blockchain systems for ports as well as blockchain based emissions and CO2 tracking and trading systems.

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Carbon War Room

Since its founding in 2009 as a global nonprofit by Sir Richard Branson and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs, Carbon War Room’s purpose has been to accelerate the adoption of business solutions that reduce carbon emissions at gigaton scale and advance the low-carbon economy.

Central to the approach of Carbon War Room programs is overcoming market barriers that prevent capital from flowing to sustainable solutions, or that prevent uptake of efficiency solutions. These programs engage directly with industry to generate business-led solutions with clear pathways to accelerate the deployment of profitable low-carbon solutions—even in the face of weak mandates.

Their vision is a world where market barriers will not prohibit profitable solutions to climate change, and where entrepreneurs who are passionate about preserving our planet’s resources are simultaneously tapping into the biggest economic opportunity of our generation. Carbon War Room aims to drive a 25% improvement in the fuel efficiency and carbon footprint of global commercial shipping fleets by 2025.

Among Carbon War Rooms maritime activities are the projects Betterfleet and GHG Emissions Rating tool. Betterfleet is revealing how efficiently the world’s fleet operates with a free-to-access ship operational efficiency portal that identifies areas for improvement by showing how efficiently an individual vessel has operated relative to itself and its peers over the past year.
The GHG Emissions Rating tool allows charterers to compare a ship’s design efficiency to peer vessels using a simple A–G scale, increasing demand for more efficient vessels by making the potential for fuel savings transparent.

In 2014 Carbon War Room was merged with Rocky Mountain Institute.

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Danish Marine Group

As the fourth largest shipping nation in the world, Danish Marine Group is your shortcut to suppliers with a deep insight into the needs of shipowners, operators, shipyards and naval architects.

The Danish Marine Group gathers these suppliers as the largest and oldest cluster of its kind in Denmark, which has followed the industry through more than 30 years.
Danish Marine Group is part of the Danish Export Association – the largest organizer of export networks in Denmark with 500 companies as members.

More than 170 suppliers have joined the maritime cluster, giving you access to a full range of services within the marine industry. The network of suppliers in Danish Marine Group is able to provide you with whole systems, reducing your time-to-market and costs.

Danish Marine Group is your entrance to a world of suppliers that deliver.

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Danish Maritime

As an industry association, Danish Maritime is the meeting place for Danish producers of maritime equipment and ships. The association initiates cooperation between its member businesses in a variety of areas including research, development and inno¬vation, and it promotes favourable conditions for the Danish maritime industry. It is a centre of knowledge, furnishing its members, public authorities and the media with the latest relevant information on the maritime sector.

The Danish maritime industry is famous for its green and sustainable products and its innovative technological solutions. The industry is dynamic and international, and it comprises a large number of skills within specialized businesses such as shipyards, maritime suppliers and consultants. Danish maritime manufacturers offer very environmentally and climate friendly solutions, and in many cases the products and solutions do not only meet with the applied legislation; often they are even a step ahead to be ready for future demands. It is important to have high standards in environmental and climate issues. However, it is also important that the rules and legislation that apply are the same for everyone, as the maritime industry is global and compete globally. Danish Maritime is aiming for high international standards – i.e. by participating as a delegate at IMO meetings. As the Trade Organisation for the Danish maritime industry establish connections between business, authorities and others at the highest levels.

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Danish Shipowners Association

The Danish Shipowners’ Association is a trade- and employer organisation for more than 40 shipowners and two offshore companies.

Half of the Associations’ members own ships registered in Denmark, the other half run their activities in Denmark but their ships are run under other flags of state. All together, the members of the Danish Shipowners’ Association own around DWT 14 million, which add up to more than 95 per cent of the Danish merchant fleet registered in the Danish International Shipregister (DIS).

The Danish Shipowners’ Association was established in 1884. Since then it has been working as a collective point for the Danish shipping industry, and today it plays an important and active role in relation to the authorities and decision-makers nationally and internationally. The Association also has a permanent representation office in Bruxelles. Additionally, the Danish Shipowners’ Association is a member of and works with foreign shipowners’ associations in Europe and beyond. Apart from its members the Danish Shipowners’ Association serves the two other shipowners’ associations in Denmark: the Shipowners’ Association of 2010 and the Danish Car Ferry Association.

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MARCOD is a national knowledge center that assists the Danish maritime service and equipment industry to convert new ideas into competitive products, services and business processes.

MARCOD supports maritime businesses in the development and sales of products and services within environmental optimisation and operation. MARCOD was established toward the end of 2010 with assistance from the Market Development Fund, Northern Jutland Growth Forum, and start-up capital provided by six founders. MARCOD’s aim is to create 400 jobs over a five-year period.

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Maritime Development Center

The Maritime Development Center is a cluster organization for the Blue Denmark, and a network organization for the maritime business and stakeholders. The association was founded in 1999 and counts close to 200 members representing the maritime cluster.

As a cluster organization, they bring together authorities, knowledge institutions and all types of companies within the maritime business. Our strength is our ability to work and collaborate across the entire industry.


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