About Green Ship of the Future

Green Ship of the Future is a public private partnership working for a reduction of emissions from the maritime industry.

Through collaborative innovation across the maritime supply chain, our members explore, develop and demonstrate green technology in ambitious projects with the overall goal of making shipping and the maritime industry more innovative, energy efficient and sustainable. We focus on increased appliance of existing technology as well as exploration and development of new technology, services and business opportunities.

GSF is

  • working towards emission free maritime transport.
  • ambitious in the exploration and use of new technologies
  • enabling innovation across maritime value chains

Green Ship of the Future consists of a dedicated group of members, who have decided to take the environmental responsibility up on them. The GSF group is dynamic and accordingly we admit new partners on a regular basis. Currently, the group consists of about 48 members. 

There are 4-5 membership meetings a year and additional project activities in between meetings.

Green Ship of the Future is funded by the members, but with important and appreciated donations from The Danish Maritime Fund, the Orient's Fund and the Lauritzen Foundation


The core activity of GSF is the development of environmental and energy efficiency projects in relation to ships and the maritime industry. As an integrated part of the initiative, we wish to explore, implement and evaluate technical solutions in order to push green innovation and thinking within the maritime industry – and doing so with an eye on the commercial feasibility.

Our technical focus can be divided into the following areas:

  • Machinery – production and consumption of energy
  • Propulsion
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Logistics
  • General design

A GSF project can be characterised by:

  • Being developed in collaboration between several GSF partners
  • Presenting ambitious goals for innovation and novelty
  • Considering the business case at an early stage
  • Delivering cutting edge green solutions for and beyond compliance
  • Dealing with legal compliance and documentation


The GSF initiative was initially founded in 2008 by the four leading Danish maritime companies Aalborg Industries, A.P. Moller-Maersk, MAN Diesel and Odense Steel Shipyard together with the Danish Maritime Authority in recognition of the ecological responsibility nested in the maritime industry.

The GSF, initially, set ambitious goals for emission reductions through collaboration within the Blue Denmark. After 4 years, the members could look back at successful projects and a strong professional network. Once the original goals had been achieved, however, the activity level went down and forces were united to create the 16 mill. EURO Blue INNOship project addressing societal challenges in relation to the environment and energy efficiency. The Blue INNOship project embraces around 40 partners from industry and universities etc. and the goal is development of commercial products and services.

After Blue INNOship, it became clear, that there continues to be a high level of project activity and creativity within the industry and accordingly a need for encouragement and coordination of new green project initiatives. Accordingly, in April 2015 the partners within Green Ship of the Future decided to revive the partnership.

With their different backgrounds, Blue INNOship and Green Ship of the Future are now complimentary initiatives, co-operating to support a greening of the Blue Denmark.